Information for Students

The goal of the student conduct process is to provide students with a fair method of conduct case adjudication. The University of Arkansas is an educational institution and the disciplinary process reflects the values and norms of an educational system. This system does not mirror the criminal court system. The focus is one of redirecting student behavior into more appropriate modes of expression. The Student Conduct System is outlined completely in the Code of Student Life.

The Code of Student Life applies to all continuing students at the University of Arkansas. The Principles of the University should be observed by all members of the UA community.

The University of Arkansas is a vibrant and dynamic community that has, at its foundation, principles and expectations that enhance the learning community. Our community reflects a friendly, engaged, responsible, supportive, creative, and inquisitive environment. Those who thrive in this community are challenged to advance these ideals during their tenure at the University of Arkansas and throughout their lifetime.