Community Service

Community Service Completion Form

The student is required to engage in voluntary (unpaid) community service hours. The student is encouraged to review the Center for Community Engagement website at in order to be apprised of volunteer opportunities within the University of Arkansas community. Community Service hours will be accepted from GivePulse and other non-profit organizations in the community. To obtain a community service completion form, please go online to Hours that you are required to complete as a member of a Registered Student Organization WILL NOT count for your sanctioned community service hours. The student is permitted to complete a portion of the hours through academic initiatives such as attending programs with the Professional Development Institute, Enhanced Learning Center, tutoring sessions, etc., but these hours must be verified by a University Faculty or Staff member. If you have any questions, contact the Office of Student Accountability prior to completing the hours to ensure they will be accepted. Hours accrued in exchange for monetary payment WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.